I consider Transformational Books as writings by authors who follow their own self-awareness and have used their growth and learning to pass on to others. It may be in matters of health & lifestyle, personal growth, business integrity, or spiritual inspiration that transform the reader towards a better life. As a designer, my goal is to create visual impact to those meaningful words and messages through an eye-catching cover and consideration to the books interior text and illustrations.

I live and work in Sedona, Arizona with my wife Rhea Maceris, CHt www.rheamaceris.com, and our son, Forrest. I came here in 2000 but getting here was an evolution of my 30 years of city life from Houston to Denver to Philadelphia. With my own personal transformations, I traded in my high-rise office and freeways for pine trees, blue skies, and hiking paths.

I understand that the process of evolving the written word is the same as evolving one's life, it takes patience and attention to detail. Your writing must unite itself with a professionalism to be a successful book and reach a wide audience. As an author, your written word is dependent on the look of your book to be as professional as any major publishing house. I can help achieve that much-needed look.

To see my professional history please visit my LinkedIn page .You can follow my path from art school to art director. From using an airbrush to using Photoshop. And from my days with hand typesetting to using Adobe InDesign now.

As an independent author who is publishing your own book, I can help you with the process of getting it produced and printed or to be published as an e-book for Kindle and EPUB. I also invite you to read the testimonials on my home page. You will see that I take care to listen and inform my customers of the step-by-step process of getting their book to print. You will know why authors return again and again with their book projects; because I listen. My prices are very competitive with the market.

Be sure to read my interview with Lisa Tener on creating a successful book cover. You will find tips and ideas on what makes a cover attract attention and to stand out above the crowd. You can also read about recent events on book design and my thoughts on successful self-publishing at my Art of Books blog.



How much will a book design cost?
Book design cost is dependent on many factors ranging from page count, cover design, and interior graphics. Generally, a basic book over 200 pages will be charged at $3 per page plus a setup fee but an estimate will be given for any book project. Additional costs are with illustrations, graphs/tables, photos, logos, or additional cover designs requested. Special formatting, footnotes, index, end notes, and/or bibliography will also require a price quote.

If you only wish a cover design for your book, please contact me at the email link below. Price starts at $500 and costs depend upon the illustrative elements and complexity of you cover. The cost includes the front, back, and spine design and artwork.

For additional graphic design to supplement your book, an estimate will be given for projects such as brochures, bookmarks, rack cards.

How long will it take?
Usually 4-8 weeks to go to press upon receiving your edited manuscript. A fact of book design is that seeing their words typeset in it's final form, a new author will often revise their book as the "reality" of printing sets in. Delays can happen with this and this should be a consideration in the time-frame to market.

What printers do you worked with?
The Print-On-Demand printers I work with are CreateSpace, Lightning Source, LuLu, iUniverse, as well as many smaller independent book printers. Also I have experience with traditional offset printing in quantity both in the USA and China. Hardback and Softcover. Oversize and Standard. Color and Black & White.

How do you want my book manuscript?
A Microsoft Word document is standard. Using MS Word's paragraph STYLES for Headings, Subtitles, Quoted text, and Lists are requested. For included photographs in a book, the highest resolution JPEG or TIFF file is ideal. Scanning services for your photographs and artwork are available.

Do you create custom web pages for promoting books?
Working with my web development partner, you can have a site that is reflective of your book design and is user friendly on your home computer—on your smart phone—and your iPad.

Software Used:
Microsoft Office (Word/Excel) to process your manuscript from a PC or a Mac
LibreOffice and Pages to process your manuscript from a PC to Mac
Adobe InDesign to design, format and typeset your book/ e-book
QuarkXPress to format and typeset your book/ e-book
Adobe Photoshop to prepare photos, retouch photos, illustration, and create
Corel Painter to illustrate covers and interior artwork
Adobe Freehand and Illustrator to design covers, diagrams, symbols, and artwork
Adobe Acrobat to prepare the final book to a printer's specifications or to copy-protect and hyperlink an e-book.
Calibre for e-library management and e-book format conversion.

If you have a book project or need information to start your project, fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of my home page.